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Fasting again today. It's scary how easy I can fall right back into this again. I need to be drinking more water, I think I didnt drink enough yesterday. I did have a tic tac this morning because i couldn't get rid of my dry mouth. UGH. I was watching a morning TV show and saw some Dr. Speigels Cookie Diet. 6 cookies a DAY! and then dinner on top of that. I couldn't make myself eat a cookie right now if I had to. Even if i knew it only had like 75 cals. Maybe one cookie a day? They are supposed to have a bunch of munchie suppressing proteins and things... maybe I should get a bag... just a cookie, everyday till the beach. HAHA. With my luck I would gain weight. I'm starting to feel back in control like I did before I recovered. I forgot what a beautifully peaceful feeling that is.... knowing that food doesn't OWN you anymore. I never had LJ before and I didn't know that there were SO many people out there who feel the way that i do. I think its wonderful, I doubt I would have succeeded in getting control of myself without the support i get through reading yall's entries. SO thank you guys.
I didn't gain really from my binge.... I guess thats good. I am being realistic and KNOW I wasn't losing anymore last night after my calorie fest.........
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